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3W LED UV Blacklight Flashlight

3W LED UV Blacklight Flashlight

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3W LED UV Blacklight Flashlight


Using ultraviolet UV LED torch high-power violet

Wavelength: 395-410nm

Integrated reflector cup aluminum orange peel

Aluminum metal  black oxide shell

Battery: use one 3.7V 14500 or  AA type batteries


Tail push switch with a tail rope, easy to carry

Uses: money detector, night fishing, according to drift, according to the prayer beads, according to traces of forensic class of special purpose industries use

 UV can be used to detect fluorescent substances: wavelength 395-410nm UV blood fingerprints and other body fluids can be used, shot residue testing

This section flashlight lights, the red light of the strong penetration can be issued, as a signal for help and so on.


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